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“I love Tony’s passionate, musical approach to playing the drums … He’s a true ‘student of the instrument’, constantly looking forward while respecting the history. I always enjoy spending ‘drum time’ with him and listening to him play.”

Dave Weckl

“Tony is a fantastic jazz drummer and a true student of the drumset. We find we have a lot in common and much to talk about. Tony studied in Boston with both Gary Chaffee and Alan Dawson, two teachers that I studied with in the early 70s. He also studied with Bob Moses, which I wanted to hear about, and I studied with Freddie Gruber, which Tony wanted to hear about. We talked for hours. His is playing is swinging, and his chops are very strong: both his hands and feet! I found his ideas interesting; they are based on the jazz tradition and he’s accomplished what all good musicians want to do, created his own vocabulary out of the raw materials that have been passed down through the generations.”

Steve Smith

“Tony Arco is one of the best drummers around, anywhere on the planet and one of my all time favorites.”

 Dave Liebman

“Tony Arco, from Milano, is everything Dave Liebman says he is and more; had a blast playing with him…. “

George Whitty

“Tony Arco is an experienced dedicated drummer! He has taken the time to dig in an understand the music. His deep study of the instrument has allowed him to continually push forward. Tony Arco is one of Italy’s finest!”

Bruce Becker

“My being fortunate enough to perform with Tony in Italy was like finding an exotic flower in the desert”. “I look forward to being blessed to perform with Tony again in the future”.

Andrew Hill

“Tony Arco oltre ad essere uno splendido batterista (musicista), è anche un amico sincero . Un abbraccio pieno di swing.”

Gianni Cazzola

“Finalmente posso scriverlo sei veramente un bravo musicista è lo strumento che è rumoroso però come lo suoni tu quando suoni con me sei un’orchestra di violoncelli abbraccio al prossimo concerto”

Enrico Intra

“Dalla grande orchestra alle piccole formazioni, con Tony ho passato circa un ventennio… , un periodo che ci ha portato a condividere spesso le stesse esperienze musicali e che ci ha messo in contatto con splendide realtà artistiche. Tony è un musicista capace di un ascolto profondo, recettivo ad ogni stile artistico, un punto di riferimento e complicità, un compagno musicale affidabile e sicuro. La creatività ha spazio.”

Lucio Terzano

Tony, un amico e collega che ammiro profondamente da molti anni per come riesce a trasmettere passionalità nella sua musica. Tecnico, sensibile, moderno e attento nello svolgere il difficile ruolo di registi che ci siamo scelti noi batteristi oltrechè splendido “partner” nella “The Drummers Battle Big Band” che ci vede uniti da qualche tempo con grande entusiasmo.

Stefano Bagnoli

“It’s such a joy to play with Tony – he makes me feel right at home here in Italy! He has a beautiful combination of musical experience and enthusiasm that makes every group really swing, and he gives 100% to each performance. From the very first downbeat you can feel his groove embrace you. More than just an excellent drummer, he’s also a great teacher with a clear, well-defined approach.”

Garrison Fewel