Tony Arco

It’s About Time

1. Close your eyes (B.Petkere)
2. Pee wee (A.Williams)
3. Monk’s dream (T.Monk)
4. Inno (T.Arco)
5. Four by five (M.Tyner)
6. Feel (T.Arco)
7. Triple play (H.Galper)
8. Monkerino (T.Arco)
9. Caravan (D.Ellington)
10. If I should lose you (Robin-Raingers)
11. Dedicato a Tony (E.Intra)

Roberto Rossi-trombone e conchiglie
Luca Meneghello-chitarra
Paolo Birro-piano
Marco Vaggi-contrabbasso
Tony Arco-batteria
Enrico Intra-piano (special guest in n.11)




Introducing Cues Trio

1. Old devil moon (E.Y.Harburg-B.Lane)
2. Bogota (R.Evans)
3. Inno (T.Arco)
4. Sorry ass (R.Tarenzi)
5. Lament (A.Jamal)
6. I’ll be seeing you (I.Kahal-S.Fain)
7. Manhattan reflections 8A.Jamal)
8. Rondò (E.Intra)

Roberto Tarenzi-piano
Lucio Terzano-bass
Tony Arco-drums



Cues Trio Meets David Liebman


1. Feel (T.Arco)
2. Fran dance (M.Davis)
3. Top of the middle (D.Liebman)
4. Quest (D. Liebman/R.Beirach)
5. Evidence (T.Monk)
6. Lune (L.Terzano)
7. Monkerino (T.Arco)
8. Equilibrio precario (R.Tarenzi)
9. Fran dance (M.Davis)(alt.take)

David Liebman-saxophones
Roberto Tarenzi-piano
Lucio Terzano-acoustic bass
Tony Arco-drum