1. Dawn
2. Colors of the Soul
3. Beams Of Light
4. Flight of the Hummingbirds
5. Passion Vamp
6. Heritage (drum duo)
7. The Lioness
8. Life and Death of the Slender Man
9. Lullaby For The Loved Ones
10. Cool Walk in the Rain
11. Spiritual Dream (drum solo)

Tony Arco Drums
Bob Moses Drums, percussion, sonic beds
Alessandro Cerino Soprano sax, bass clarinet, flutes
Gregory Burk Piano
Mauro Battisti Bass, live electronics (track 11)


“…that melancholic sound, full of life premises, from which intertwining and percussive themes are born (two well-melted batteries), and from this sound, I try and wish to transmit a thought through the personal knowledge of all the musicians involved in this courageous adventure, and I cannot neglect my harmony with these sounds that have always accompanied my particular path”.

With this record Tony Arco confirms that he has achieved an enviable expressive completeness and shows that in the contemporary jazz scene the universe of musical possibilities is always wider.

Enrico Intra