Lee Konitz & Mario Rusca

Where’s the Blues

1. Where’s the Blues? (M.Rusca)

2. Beautiful Love (V.Young-H.Gillespie)
3. Thingin’ (L.Konitz)
4. Summertime (G.Gershwin)
5. To Lee or Not to Lee (M.Rusca)
6. On Green Dolphin Street (Washington-Kaper)
7. Autumn Leaves (Prévert-Kosma)
8. Anthropology (C.Parker-D.Gillespie)
9. Have You Met Miss Jones? (Rodgers-Hart)
10. I Should Care (Cahn-Stordhal-Weston)

Lee Konitz-alto sax
Mario Rusca-piano (piano solo on n.9)
Lucio Terzano-bass
Toni Arco-drums


Mario Rusca Trio


1. Crystal sea (M.Rusca)
2. I remember Jerry (M.Rusca)
3. Jazz generation (M.Rusca)
4. Caravan (D.Ellington)
5. The new galaxy (M.Rusca)
6. I know (M.Rusca)
7. Track (M.Rusca)
8. Other’s dimension (M.Rusca)
9. Five minutes blues (M.Rusca)
10. Ruschido (M.Rusca)

Mario Rusca-piano
Lucio Terzano-bass
Tony Arco-drums



Enrico Rava & Mario Rusca


1. D.N.A. (M.Rusca)
2. How high the moon(N.Hamilton-M.Lewis)
3. Out of nowhere(Green-Heyman)
4. Flawless (M.Rusca)
5. Bye Bye Blackbird (Henderson-Dixon)
6. Falling in love with loves(Hart-Rodgers)
7. My Foolish Heart(Washington-Young)
8. You and the night and the music (Dietz-Schwartz)
9. Flash Steps(M.Rusca)
10. Chromosome Blues (M.Rusca)

Enrico Rava-trumpet
Mario Rusca-piano
Lucio Terzano-bass
Tony Arco-drums